One payment gateway to conquer them all.


It's hook and go. Easy..

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A flat fee per month. No hidden charges.

Stay connected

Works with Mpesa (C2B, B2C, B2B), EazzyPay, Coop Bank API, Equity Bank API, Airtel Money.

Powerful search

Your money, your paybills, your bank account. No intermediary.

Put in a vault

Unlimited slack integrations.

Fast messaging

Fast SMS responses to your customers.

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All powered by smart keyword based routing.

Use cases?

You have one Paybill, used by multiple products or departments. You set them up, tell us how to route transactions, then tell us which slack channels and webhooks we should call based on input. We will do the rest.

Salami does all the weighlifting so that you can receive all your payment notifications in a uniform format from all your providers.

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Absolute security

Absolute security

All our payloads are encrypted using industry standard encryption protocols. All payloads from us have a security header for your protection.

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Payments should be easy.

We sweat the small stuff so that you can focus on building your software.